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Thursday, 1 January 2009Y

it would be great if time were to pass as quickly as wat it seemed in 2008 when i am in china from feb to july this year.

its another brand new year again, and everything seemed to happen so quickly without me noticing. often, it was only when my birthday finally arrived whereas everyone have celebrated theirs, when it dawned on me that one year has passed, just like that. not that i have failed to accomplish anything or spend it wisely, i do think my 2008 was rather eventful with the following:

1. watched a total of 4 concerts. firstly, david tao's world tour, Angela's live, Lee hom's music tour, and Fahrenheit Fantasy. in which all i have truly enjoyed.

2. participated in a number of volunterring events and of cos leo club activities. it was my first time being involved in marathons, especially the Adidas sundown marathon which is an overnight race. although it was really draining and i can only count myself unlucky to be allocated to the 100 plus drink station, whereby i ended up getting my pants all sticky and dirty(do not wish to be reminded of the details regarding the making, pouring and distributing of the 100 plus drink. developed a phobia towards the drink for a while then). but that aside, volunteering in marathons like this was a very fulfilling experience after all, and i really treasure that volunteering opportunity.

3. HOKKAIDO TRIP with family. 'NICE' is the only word that is simple and straight forward enough to describe everything there. nice food, nice scenery, nice hotspring, nice streets, nice rooms, nice toilets, nice people, nice culture and most importantly, nice family-bonding time. simply nice. and it is definitely a nice and unforgettable trip for me and my family. (:

4. SOCCER CRAZE AND OLYMPIC FEVER. with my already existing and new found sports idols like c.ronaldo, lin dan, liu xiang, micheal phelps, feng tian wei, and zhang yi ning.

5. ETHAN RUAN XIAO TIAN, ZAC EFRON, ZZEN ZHANG AND JOANNE PEH. speaking of idols, i have to introduce my new found idols in the entertainment circle/showbiz this year. ethan and zefron who captivated me with their awesome looks and acting skills in Fated To Love and High School Musical respectively. Zzen and joanne whom i really look up to, as they are so professional in their acting, (i am talking about the successful show Little Nyonya obviously) and of cos zzen is always that handsome and cute (of cos in real person too! )despite him acting as a really despicable character but i still love him. haha and joanne peh whom i started paying attention to only recently. she's seriously a babe! JIAYOU TO ALL MY IDOLS!!!

6. not forgetting RADIO 1003 fight club and 7th birthday bash. to me, it was already a great satisfaction being able to be ON AIR LIVE and stepping into the studio itself to experience live broadcasting over the radio.

7. being the emcee for np parents seminar 08. great experience but..): i can do better..

8. accomplished my task in participating and planning of farewell, welcome party and mid-autumn festival event.

9. survived my first sem of year 2 and is only left with less than 2 months before i bid my last sem of yr 2 goodbye and head for china to start my 'devastating' life there.

10. loss of my grandpa but at the same time gain of kinship. (from cousins, aunts and my own family)






there are still a lot more to recollect but i guess memories, be it good or bad, are meant to be locked up in a discreet corner of my mind and heart, only to be reminisced whenever the nights come and when saturations of thoughts come shoving against each other in my head again.

just to sum up, 2008 was a year with highs and lows, ups and downs, gains and losses, but i learnt a lot along the way. learnt to be stronger, learnt to take things easily, and learnt to think positively no matter the circumstances i am in.
although i still have wishes unfulfilled and goals unachieved, but let them be new targets and resolutions aimed to accomplish and come true in 2009.

besides the cliche wishes like being happy and healthy, i am still sorting out my new year resolutions. perhaps, it is not about what i want to do or hope to complete, but how i am going to work hard to achieve them. but i do have an expectation about myself in 2009, which is to learn to look at things with a wider and broader perspective, and taking things one step at a time, one day at a time one moment at a time.

we do not know what the year ahead has installed for us, but may it be a smooth-sailing and peaceful one for all.

happy new year! (:

11:45 PM

Saturday, 20 December 2008Y

i have long decided to give FAHRENHEIT FANTASY WORLD TOUR on the 19th of dec a miss but who knows, my mum treated me to watch it, and what added to the completely ecstatic mood of mine was that we were so lucky to be offered a better seat that was situated closer to the stage(basically the other block nearer to the centre).. to put it in a nicer manner, the reason was so as to make the whole stadium look more packed, since the ticket sales was apparently not that fantastic.. as in those fanatics would definitely buy the most expensive tickets to get the best seats, while the other fans like me, who are only students and couldnt afford the price will end up not going or merely be contented with the seats of the cheapest price.. so the seats that are of the middle pricing will be barely taken up.. thus those pple of the second category i just mentioned will be so lucky to help 'fill up' the seats there.. haha and ya i am one of the lucky ones.. =p

although the seats i was given still seemed quite far from the stage, it was a rather comfortable distance for me.. (: anw the main thing is I HAVE FULLY ENJOYED MYSELF AT THE CONCERT!!!!!! and that's enough for me to be down with 'fahrenheit-fever' again..

well, i understand that many pple especially those working in the media industry will often think that all the so called 'idol-type' bands have got only attractive looks that mesmerise teenage girls and drive them insane, but do not possess real talent or potential that can bring them far.. i admit this fact to a certain extent but i seriously think we should not be affected by these stereotypical evaluations so much so that all their hard work and efforts have to be written off before even being barely recognised..

FAHRENHEIT, for one, is also being said to stir yet another 'idol-fever' but will diminish once another boyband take over their leading position right now. take F4, 5566 and whoever else that nearly swept all tennage girls even guys off their feet as an example, are they still as attractive and popular nowadays? the answer is apparently not and thus fahrenheit faces the same 'crisis' and worrisome future.

but we often develop this kind of perception becos we tend to compare. no matter if its comparing them with other idol-type boybands, or comparing them with other more experienced singers or with those who are said-to have the real strength and potential.. i mean, its not that we couldnt compare, but we should look at all the different bands and singers as each seperate and unique individual. every one of them are catered to different groups of supporters, and they belong to different catergories. so if there were really a need to compare, the only thing we should compare would be themselves, yes, compare with themselves.

not that i am a fanatic of fahrenheit, (although i am crazy about dadong in particular), and i knew very clearly that they couldn't sing that well, (its evident), but at least i knew they have indeed worked very hard to come this far. one main reason is becos i have supported them since they entered showbiz. and they have grown, matured, and i have witnessed their improvement, in terms of live-singing, dancing, stage charisma, confidence level, communication skills and the ability to react to the media and the public. their improvement might not be tremendous, but comparing their performance now and in the past, that significant improvement is worth a rewarding applause.

and we couldnt dismiss the fact that they have achieved outstanding results throughout the yr, every one of them have their own drama serials, one even had the opportunity to have his first appearance on the silver screen, all were busy with their own work, and now they come together as a whole once again to bring out the best of themselves.

the future is unpredictable for them. but judging from their passion, determination and perseverance for their job, (insisting on performing and practising and trying hard to neglect the pain despite injuries) i believe there are still plenty of opportunities awaiting them to stretch their potential to the fullest.

all the best fahrenheit and of cos, my lovely ROCKER DONG!!!<333
you guys will do well as long as u don't give up hope!! (:

1:12 AM

Friday, 12 December 2008Y



although this meant that i would have to drill a hole in my pocket on my BIRTHDAY, and i am forking out money instead of receiving it.. (unless any kind soul would like to buy for me.. i would be more than grateful.. *ERHEM*) but i am more than willing to do that.. simply becos i know all will be worthwhile.. (:

jus in case u are wondering, the 2 idols are none other than my LAOGONG LUO ZHI XIANG and talented MUSIC MAN LEEHOM!!!

thanks for making my birthday this year such a special one.. their albums are a great pleasure to me and i consider them as one of my best presents ever..

wat i can only say is.. 26/12 is simply such a good date..
and i will remember 26/12/2008 particularly.. despite the fact that i have to rush to complete piles of assignments and projects.. well frankly speaking its not that much but just one freaking assignment is enough to take up the whole of my time..

but thanks xiangxiang and leehom for going thru all these with me..HAHAHAHA...
and woohoo i have preordered fahrenheit's album but they are only releasing it on the 2nd day of the next month which is like next yr.. i thought it would also be in the month of december.. and it would be triple happiness for me if they are gonna release it on my bday too.. but its ok i am an easily satisfied gal.. (:




1:00 AM

Monday, 1 December 2008Y

after going on an emotional roller-coaster ride for the past one week, i am now back to my normal self, the usual me who cracks lame jokes at an unexpected point of time, the usual ahjun my friends know of me..
it has been a busy week but looking back, i kinda missed the days i spent with all my family members.. it was such a rare occasion that all of us could actually gather together.. though it was for such a bereavement this time round..but i can feel the warmth around me..i hope ahgong felt that too..
time and tide indeed waits for no man.. life is just so vulnerable.. at least i know ahgong is happily living with my ahma in the other side of the world now.. (:

on a happier note, its the start of dec, a start of a new month now! so i shall make a change to my mood, and await a fresh new beginning! especially since december is a much anticipated month!!


my XIAOZHU LUOZHIXIANG is gonna release his new album 《潮男正传》 sooooooonnnn!!!

and according to wat i heard of, the actual release date IS ON MY BIRTHDAY 26TH OF DEC!!!! OMG I LOVE U LUOZHXIANG!!! i have been praying and hoping that my idols like him and dadong can have their concerts held or albums released on my bday and now this wilful wish of mine has finally came true!!! wat a wonderful gift from xiaozhu to me!! LOVEEEEE YOU XIANGXIANG AHHHHHHH!!! u have totally brighten up my spirits and brought me strength and motivation to carry on..!!!!

the preorder in taiwan starts tommorrow but i am not sure if the same applies to spore..i still remember his SHOW ON STAGE s'pore concert was exactly 1 yr before which is 1st of dec 2007.. and his last album was released in november last yr.. so i have waited for like more than 1 year for his next album and now its FINALLY HERE!!!!! GOSH I AM SO HIGH SO HIGH SO ELATED SO EXCITED TOTALLY GONE INSANE!!!
well, not that exaggerating yet but i just wanna emphasise on how much i am looking forward to his new album, new songs, new DANCE, new surprises!!!!

and not forgetting his new hairstyle which is SHUAI DAO BAO!! but he's always tat shuai no matter wat! haha!! this album will be comprising of his different hairstyles and sense of fashion since the days he entered showbiz when he was with the band 四大天王.. so basically i suppose the album would be like capturing the different stages and of how much he has changed and grown since then..

just that i knew very well i wouldnt be able to attend his a/s UNLESS he were to come to spore before or during feb.. which is obviously impossible cos thats like only 1-2 months after the release of his album.. we always have to wait for at least a few months time before he starts his promotion here..
but nvm i will find my own solution to this problem.. i want to have him sign on the album no matter wat!!!! unless he were to go to wuhan for his a/s..which i think the chances are as slim or equalivent to zero.. becos i have never heard of him going to that area in china for any events before!.. so ya.. i can only pray for the best..


ps: how i wish i can stay in spore to attend his a/s and also for fahrenheit's events.. heard that their album will also be released soon.. but i have no choice!!!

*criess but i have luozhixiang with me!! slaps myself but refuse to accept reality*

6:33 PM

Wednesday, 26 November 2008Y




只是现在的心变得好空虚,好空虚。。就连我最喜爱的娱乐百分百都没办法让我振奋起来。。 本来以为心情已经好起来了,结果今天外公出殡的最后一天,还是败下阵来。。我曾经说过我和外公的关系不是很亲密,感情也不是很深厚,但我不知道为什么,我的内心还是很不舍,很难受。。






5:01 PM

Saturday, 22 November 2008Y








明天开始,应该是连续三天都需要处理外公的后事。。 心情方面,应该还要做些调整。。



10:35 PM

Saturday, 15 November 2008Y

DISAPPOINTED. truly, seriously, utterly, completely DISAPPOINTED. and i simply couldnt help brooding over that particular moment where my mind just went blank. i wished i could have a second chance. one more chance. i just want to prove that i can do it without. any. mistake. i just want to prove it. one more time.

suddenly, i have all the urge to show all the people around me that i am not what they think of me.

suddenly, i have all the courage to do that tiring and time-consuming yet fruitful and meaningful event once again.

suddenly, i have all the determination to charge all the way through just to see how far my potential and capability can take me to.


suddenly, i feel so weak that one faint tap on my shoulders will send me falling on my knees.

suddenly, i feel so frail that i couldnt even withstand an insignificant blow.

suddenly, i feel so vulnerable that i might collapse upon a gentle stroke of the breeze.

my double personality reveals itself unknowingly again. and here i am struggling between the two. i hate being contradicting. but we humans always contradict ourselves, dont we? why do we always have to land ourselves in such a terrible and pitiful state. its such a joke. i want to laugh out so loud but i held back. see and i am contradicting myself again. and i hate it. but i just couldnt help it.

i do not like the hustle and bustle of the city yet i always find myself trying hard to squeeze my way through crowded streets.

i wish i can travel around the world but i have my concerns as i will miss home..

i aspire to be that someone but at the same time i dont wish to, as i do not want to carry the burden and stress that follows..

i have someone that i dislike but i chose to endure and give in..

i have someone that i like that i wish to make known but i decided and chose not to...

i have so much to say but i couldnt bring myself to say.

basically i am a self-contradicting coward.

right now, i have nothing to say.. i dont wish to say anything..

yet i have just typed quite a lot that i wanna say.

i shall stop my contradicting entry now but my fingers are still kept busy on the keyboard..

i just want a second chance. i just want to do it again. so that i can stop brooding over it. so that i can get over it.

perhaps, mum is right, i am just. not. suitable. and i do not have wat it takes.

but how can i prove that she's wrong and that i can do equally well to do her proud?

it all leaves to fate and luck, i suppose. such a cruel fact that should've dawned on me in the first place.

ps: although all of us are prepared and we knew............we still hold on to that hope of grandpa recovering, or at least, stay with us for a longer period of time..

this is a random post with myriad of feelings... i apologise if u find this entry ridiculous, confusing or meaningless.

gals, see y'll soon during dec. i am really looking forward to that final break in dec before last week of feb.....

better late than never~

9:56 PM